CMI Level 3 Single Awards

The CMI Level 3 Awards provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities required for managers, the Award will develop the skills required for this level of responsibility.

Learners who complete one unit of the CMI Level 3 will be awarded an Award in Principles of Management and Leadership.

CMI Level 3 Award By Distance Learning

£39000 +VAT

CMI 301 – Principles of Management and Leadership

This unit focuses on the way organisations operate and examines the application of management and leadership approaches and how these can positively impact on individual job roles, business performance as well as support teams, colleagues and customers.

Unit Time – 70 Hours.

CMI 302 – Managing a Team to Achieve Results

This unit explores how to effectively manage a team while communicating and overcoming barriers to achievement. This unit focuses on understanding the nature of teams in the workplace, and how these can be managed to achieve results as well as values, goals and objectives.

Unit Time – 60 Hours.

CMI 305 – Building Stakeholder Relationships using Effective Communication

This unit is designed to equip managers with how to identify and understand stakeholder’s needs and know the purpose and benefits of building relationships with different stakeholder groups. This unit will explore how methods of communicating with them will achieve the best results.

Unit Time – 40 Hours.

CMI 311 – Contributing to the Delivery of a Project

This unit focuses on how managers can monitor and manage projects, and explores the knowledge, tools and techniques to assist with this. It also identifies different approaches to managing risk and responding to the needs and expectations of stakeholders in order to improve not only their own working practice, but the achievement of the whole project.

Unit Time – 60 Hours.

CMI 312 – Managing Daily Activities to Achieve Results

This unit explores how to work efficiently and maintain a well-structured workload. It aims to develop knowledge on how to identify priorities and set measurable objectives when organising and allocating daily work activities, as well as monitoring outcomes and responding practically to challenges and problems, all whilst working towards common goals.

Unit Time – 40 Hours.

CMI 314 – Managing Budgets and Resources

This unit looks at managing budgets and other resources in order for an organisation to remain operational. The unit will equip delegates with the knowledge to do this in order to remain efficient and effective.

Unit Time – 50 Hours.

CMI 318 – Managing Data and Information

This unit explores the ability to solve problems, make timely business decisions and respond to customer needs. With growing volumes of data, data can be difficult to manage, and this unit therefore develops the knowledge needed to gather, assess and analyse different types of data and information, and how to report findings for different business purposes with legal and organisational guidelines.

Unit Time – 50 Hours.

CMI 321 – Managing Own Personal and Professional Development

This unit focuses on personal and professional development, ensuring greater opportunities for success. It explores the benefits of engaging in personal and professional development and by using the knowledge gained, a development plan can be created in order to support delegates in being an effective manager.

Unit Time – 50 Hours.

CMI Level 5 Single Awards