If you have 5+ people with the same learning and development needs, the customised option offers best value for your organisation. We can bring the courses to you in-house or at a venue of your choice.  We will partner with you to find the best solution most relevant to your team and your business in addressing the challenges and opportunities they face.  Delegates can openly discuss and share experiences focused on relevant business and professional imperatives with their colleagues, facilitated by an expert course director.

Our expert training team bring extensive practitioner experience to the interactive learning sessions.

Choose one or a combination of the following options:

  • Standard off the shelf courses  to upskill your team

  • Standard courses with your own branding or tailored to your business culture

  • Customised courses with case studies, scenarios and other features relevant to your business or industry sector

  • Bespoke training solutions specific to your business needs and market context

  • Consultancy for an expert view on achieving required change and performance improvement in your organisation

Short IT Courses

Mike Hodkinson

Mike is a highly resourceful, versatile and expert professional IT Trainer, Performance Support Specialist and accredited Project Manager, who can deliver complex IT training and related business / project management processes to an advanced level.

Mikes speciality is to train in context to role, Microsoft Office applications, especially MS Excel including VBA, to enable others to more productive and make a positive difference in their day to day working lives.

For more details please contact us on +44 (0)1865 515255 or email enquiries@oxfordpeg.com

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