Course Overview and Aim

By the end of this course delegates will have gained the necessary user skills on how to practically and effectively use MS OneNote both personally and in a business environment.

This is a practical “learn by doing” course and contains realistic examples as well as “quick wins”.

An MS OneNote Course Notebook is provided for attendees to firstly load and then use during the course and retain afterwards.


No previous experience of MS OneNote is needed but attendees must have a basic understanding of PC’s, including familiarity with a keyboard and mouse.

Course Type

In-House, Expert Instructor led and guided.

Please note: Microsoft OneNote 2016 is used as the primary application during the course for demonstration purposes.


1 day course – Start time 9.30 a.m. Finish 4.30 p.m.

It is recommend all attendees to aim to arrive, at least 15 mins, before the start of the course, to ensure all pre-course administration and set-up is completed in a timely manner.

Course Content

What is OneNote?
So what can OneNote actually Do?
OneNote: one place for all of your note
Quick Start Guide
How OneNote is Organised
OneNote – File – Options – General, Display, Save & Backup
Quick Access Toolbar

Typing and editing notes, Formatting notes
Adding items to a page
Selecting notes and objects
Tagging notes
Using outlines
Working with pages and side notes
Working with notebooks and sections
Searching notes, Sharing notes, Tags

Add a Section
Create a To Do List / Checklist
Create a Table using the Ribbon
Create a Table without using the Ribbon
Create a Link to another Page
Create a Link to Something Else
Create a Linked Outlook item
Work With Tags
Do Napkin Maths in OneNote
Add a Screenshot to OneNote
Screen Clipping from within OneNote
Copy text from a Picture
How do Crop a picture in OneNote
Insert a File
Inset a Date and Time to my Notes
Insert Space between items
“Flip through” the pages in a section?
Search for Something in OneNote
Share OneNote Page in Other Formats
Save an Email to OneNote
Record an Audio or Video
Change my Page
Find Recent Edits / Authors
What templates does OneNote have and how to use?

Useful Items to Know
Review of the Onetastic Add- in for Microsoft OneNote
Add OneNote Web Clipper to Edge, Clip WebPages

Helpful links for OneNote
Project Overview

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