Course Overview and Aim

By the end of this course delegates will have gained business user skill level in utilising Microsoft Outlook to best effect.

This will include customising toolbars and menus, managing email messages, working with views, groups and dealing with Outlook items so you are more efficient and productive when using Microsoft Outlook in a business environment.

The Course Tutor, after taking into account course time constrains, may be able to assist you with any specific Outlook questions you might have.


This course is designed for attendees with limited working knowledge or even new to using this key MS Office application and who wish to gain the necessary user skills to be effectively and productive in their day to day role in a busy business environment.

Course Type

In-House, Expert Instructor led and guided.

Please note: Microsoft Outlook 2016 is used as the primary application during the course for demonstration purposes.


1 day course – Start time 9.30 a.m. Finish 4.30 p.m.

It is recommend all attendees to aim to arrive, at least 15 mins, before the start of the course, to ensure all pre-course administration and set-up is completed in a timely manner.

Course Content

Quick creation of messages, calendar, contact and task items and screen navigation
Customising your Quick Access Toolbar, using Favourites, Quick Steps to success
Managing your Inbox – 4 main rules for managing and maintaining a good mailbox – the four Ds
Outlook Productivity / Helpful Hints

Creating items from items e.g. emails from contacts
Creating and sending email, replying to and forwarding emails
Using voting buttons, creating and managing folders, filing and deleting emails (potential recovery of deleted emails)
Creating Personal Distribution Lists, Auto Signatures
Using the Out of Office assistant

Creating and using Follow-Up Flags to New Emails which trigger for both yourself and your recipient
Why use Categories and how to add a Category to an Email / other items, sorting via Categories
and creating your Own Categories
How to use Rules to assist you in managing your email, how to create, edit /modify, deactivate and delete Rules

Customising your Calendar(s)
Creating appointments, editing and deleting appointments
Sharing calendars, managing meetings and printing from the calendar
Using Outlook calendar items / meetings with Microsoft OneNote

Creating Contacts, Editing and Deleting Contacts, Sending and Forwarding to contacts
Creating Tasks, Editing and deleting tasks, Recurring and assigning tasks
Creating and using Assigned Tasks

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