Outlook Short Course Topics

What is Outlook?
The Quick Access Toolbar
Outlook Productivity / Helpful Hints
Very useful Outlook Shortcut Keys to improve your Outlook productivity:
Create a new item from anywhere in Outlook:
Productivity – Quick ways to create – some prime examples
Inbox productivity
Completing a New Message – using mnemonic TOSCA
How to decide what to do with each and every message
Dealing with a massive Inbox / after a break or holiday
Deleting Emails
Using Conditional Formatting to highlight key emails you receive in your Inbox
Searching for Emails in Your Inbox
Quick Find
Advanced Find
Filtering Messages in Your Inbox
Sorting Messages in Your Inbox
View email messages by conversation
How to Add a Category to an Email
Sorting via Categories
Creating your Own Categories
Calendar Productivity
Use shortcut keys for moving around in day/week/month view
Date / time real language function
How can I schedule travel time before and after a meeting and preserve the meeting start time?
Calendar Meeting Invitations and Room Booking
Quick Steps
How to create a Rule
To deactivate a Rule
To delete a Rule
To edit or modify a Rule
Assigning Follow-Up Flags to New Emails
Assigning Follow-Up Flags to New Emails for both yourself and your recipient
Other Helpful Productivity Hints and Tips
Drag and Drop
Recall Your Outlook Messages
Using Drafts to help your productivity
Add frequently used mail folders in Favorites

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